We offer qualitative range of Kerb Stones; these are well acclaimed for their sturdy construction and endurance.  The present invention concerns a method of arranging edgings as kerb elements to demarcate roadway edges, pedestrian pavements, footpaths and the like.  These are used for adding style and grace to the floors as well as the pavement areas of a particular building or a confined area.

Our Kerb Stones specifications and standard sizes are as follows:

  • 450mm(L)*100mm(B)*300mm(H)
  • 450mm(L)*125mm(B)*300mm(H)
  • 600mm(L)*125mm(B)*400mm(H)
  • Shades Available: Grey

We make them available in 100mm to 150mm thickness so as to suit the applications i.e. division of the roads and making of footpaths. These Kerb stones and Road Dividers are manufactured with M-15 to M-25 grade of concrete. Hence, they are highly endurable in nature with top mechanical strength.

Road kerbs serve a number of purposes:

  • Retaining the carriageway edge to prevent “spreading” and loss of structural integrity;
  • Acting as a barrier or demarcation between road traffic and pedestrians or verges;
  • Providing physical “check” to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway;
  • Forming a channel along which surface water can be drained;